Rent To Own Information

How To Rent To Own

Rent-to-own homes provide buyers-tenants and sellers-landlords additional options during questionable times for the market or the individual parties. The general agreement allows for a potential buyer who may not have the capital to buy the house out-right or the credit to get a loan, to pay a deposit up-front, traditional rent, and a rent premium to live in the desired home immediately. 

The deposit on a rent-to-own is usually three to five percent of the property price. The traditional rent goes straight to the seller-landlord, as in any other rental agreement. The rent premium acts as a further deposit toward the purchase of the house. Most rent-to-own contracts are fairly short term – three years is the usual length – and the price of the property is usually established at the contract signing. The buyers-tenants must get approved for a traditional home loan within three - five years from the start of the agreement, or buy the home outright with cash. 

For security and planning, both parties establish a property sale price at the beginning of the agreement – or decide to go with the market price at the time of the purchase – and write the sale price into the contract.

Rent-To-Own Is A Win Win Situation For All Parties Involved! 

Benefits For Buyers-Tenants

  • The ability to "buy" with bad (but hopefully a improving) credit score.
  • The ability to lock in a purchase price, while property values are increasing.
  • A way to get to know a home and a neighborhood without making a huge purchase.
  • The ability to customize a home and make wanted improvements to the property. 
  • Equity in home at the time of purchase or closing. 
  • Pride in ownership. 
  • Return on investment. 

Benefits For Sellers-Landlords

  • Perfect program for Landlords who do not want to be a Landlord anymore.
  • No maintenance costs or repair costs during rent to own period. 
  • Lock in fair sales price of home prior to listing. 
  • No messy paperwork or extra large fees associated with sale of property. 
  • Increased return on investment. 
  • Active market of potential Buyers-Tenants. 
  • Stress free transaction. 
  • Larger safety/security deposit for home. 
  • Buyers-Tenants take better care of your home and property. Sellers-Landlords! Very quick turnaround! 96 hours or less. 

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