How To Qualify As A Help U Rent Property Tenant

Our goal is place great tenants into great properties!

We understand the economy is not in good shape and it is hard to find someone with a perfect credit score. That is why we do not base our decision on a credit score alone, but on several factors. Also, we do not charge possible tenants any fee for our properties listed on the website, all of our fees are paid by the property owner. The only charge a possible tenant pays with Help U Rent is the cost of pulling a credit report and background check. The cost is (FORTY DOLLARS) and tenants receive a copy of their report. 

How the process works. 
We try to keep it is simple as possible. If you like one of the properties listed on the website please schedule an appointment to find your perfect property.

Meeting at the property.

We will meet you at the property for a physical showing.  If you want the property we will have you fill out an application and put down a good faith deposit, the good faith deposit holds the property for you during the application process so nobody else could rent the property until you are either approved or denied for the property. Forty dollars from the good faith deposit is used to run your reports. If for some reason your are not approved for the property, you will receive a full refund of your good faith deposit, minus the report fee. 

Getting approved for a property is not hard. What we look for and check is the following. 
Current Income: Your income must be verified. Meaning a check statement or if you are self employed deposits into a bank account that reflect how much money you make per month. We like to see that you make three times the property rent value. 

  • Current Rental History: We check with your current landlord to verify payment status, we like to hear from landlords that you made all your rental payments on time and took care of the property. We will check with the last 3-4 landlords you rented a property from. 
  • Job Status: We like to see that you are in a current steady job, and have been securely employed for several years. We call and speak with your boss or supervisor. 
  • Credit Report: We like to see that you pay your bills on time, mainly the bills that really count. Utilities, car payment, insurance, and cell phone bills are our primary concern. Of course we like to see that the landlord has been paid on time also. For possible tenants that have lost their home or going through a foreclosure. We like to see that you tried to work with you financial institution, and you paid all your other bills on time. We also like to see payments made on time regarding outstanding medical bills, especially medical bills that are not for thousands of dollars. Along with the paperwork we may also ask to examine your current living conditions for cleanliness and to insure you are maintaining the current property. Our application process usually takes no longer then 3 days. Any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Fair Housing

Title VIII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1968 is commonly referred to as the Federal Fair Housing Act. This federal law, as amended in 1974 and 1988, protects each individual’s right to equal housing opportunity without discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, and/or familial status (the presence of children). Visit our History of Fair Housing Law page for further details.

In Michigan, housing discrimination is prohibited by the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act and the Persons with Disabilities Civil Rights Act. State law includes all federal protections as well as age, marital status, height and weight.