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Spot Rental


One of most popular services. We rent your property, condos, apartments, or commercial locations on the spot. We will meet you at your property and simply rent your property from you. If we like what we see and the price is right where we can re rent your property and make money we will rent the property and pay you the same day. We then sublease your rental to one of our partnering corporations, their employees, or a approved tenant from our database. We also provide homes to all the top insurance companies when someone may lose their home because of a fire or flood. One to five year rental agreements available. Contact us today to get started. 



We represent both the buyer and the seller in all types of real estate transactions. Whether you are interested in the sale or lease of your apartment, searching for your first home, a couple shopping the Co-op or Condo market, an individual investor seeking a multi-family home, a corporation seeking out commercial strips or vacant land, or a syndicate selling a portfolio. We will do all that we can to facilitate your transaction as seamlessly as possible. We will guide you from the discovery of your ideal property or prospect, to securing a commitment and through to the final stages of closing.

Marketing & Advertising


We find a tenant for your property. We come out to your rental property and take photos and video. We then email your home to all our databases. Over 8500 potential renters in the area. We also place your rental property on over 100 rental websites the same day. We then show your property to prospective tenants, background check them, pull their credit report, verify all their work and past tenancy information. When we find you a good qualified renter for your property we send you all their information, prepare the rental paperwork, and schedule the initial meeting and key transfer between your new tenant and you. 

Landlord Answering Service


For busy Landlords & Investors who work during the day. We can give you a phone number to advertise, or you can transfer your calls to our office and we will pre-qualify your possible tenants and take all your messages.

Property Partnership Program


Perfect for first time landlords or seasoned real estate investors. A full range of all our services bundled into one package without extra associated fees. Management, repairs and maintenance, rent collection, legal services, advertising and marketing all included at our discounted rates. No upfront fees. Pay for performance only.

Credit & Background Reports


Verify your applicant's identity, credit, and criminal background before you rent. Ensure your rental decision with a thorough tenant screening. 

Need A New Property Management Service?

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Rent Collection Services


Perfect for out of state landlords or traveling landlords. Our office is always open. Tenants can pay their rent online, drop off, or mail their rent payment to our office. We then process the payment and direct deposit the money into your bank account. 

Handyman Services


We have our own staff of handymen and handywomen. Along with our staff we have discounted rates on licensed electricians, plumbers, and builders. We specialize in rental properties. We are simply the most affordable, fastest, and professional company when it comes to any type of rental repair. We buy flooring, carpet, tile, paint...etc. in bulk and pass the savings on to you. We can do a complete 3 bedroom rental home renovation in under 72 hours. Guaranteed! We also specialize in small repairs, correcting any city violations, and bringing an unlicensed rental property current to all city rental codes.



Non-payment of rent, termination of tenancy for breach of lease, termination of tenancy after expiration of lease, removal of a squatter, removal of holdovers after a tax foreclosure, drug terminations, health-hazard terminations, and any other eviction scenarios you could encounter. We can help! We have over 16 years of experience dealing with problem tenants. Don`t wait any longer for your rent payment. Contact us today. 

Rental Property Analysis


Don't wear your homeowner hat when you go out to buy rental property, because the elements to consider are very different. You may love houses with big backyards and picket fences, but the most important factor when buying a rental property is financial. Whether it's determining your return on investment (ROI) or per-unit cash flow, it's important to do the math first rather than buying based on "intuition." We can guide you through the entire purchase process of finding the best rental property. Contact us today to get started! 



Whether you’re setting out an rental agreement or attempting to resolve a conflict with a tenant or contractor, negotiation is where the conversation starts. Let our team of experienced negotiators guide you through the process, finding an amicable solution that is timely and cost-efficient. We specialize in tenant and contractor negotiations creating a win-win for all parties involved. 

Real Estate Consulting


Our real estate consultants can help you turn critical and complex real estate issues into opportunities for growth. From business owners and investors to lenders and corporate groups, we offer you the experience, know-how, and the strategic planning that helps lead to better decisions. Schedule a free consultation here